Community AI for facebook and onsite

Automated Comment Moderation
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Automated Comment Moderation on Facebook and Onsite

Conversario Does the Hard Work for You

  • Checks 100% of your comments in real-time
  • Proactively blocks hate comments and spam
  • Operates according to your schedule
  • Flexible settings on how strict you want to be
  • Learns alongside you according to your own individual rules

Advantages for Community Managers

  • 24/7 protection from hate comments and spam … working outside of standard office hours
  • Maintains a constant and consistent quality
  • Manual moderation can be accessed at any time
  • Full transparency of all actions and results
  • 90% time-saving so you can focus on more value-adding tasks

Conversario in Action

  • Visual examination of moderated comments
  • View comments from last hour, day, or week
  • Manual adjustment through single or bulk actions

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  • Monitor the comment flow
  • Recognize trends among comments and active users
  • View “Top Posts”
  • View “Most Controversial Posts”

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  • Manage your Facebook pages and posts
  • Set the strictness individually for each post
  • Schedule the automated moderation per page
  • Extend the moderation with your own Smart-Lexicon

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Easy Onboarding

Let us know what page you would like CONVERSARIO to moderate. We can run a simulated trial so you can see what decisions it would make before going live.

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We need some information from you so we can prepare everything else. Within 24 hours we will get back to you with the necessary last steps. After that you can start using conversario!

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